Treatment Plan

APCEDEN®Treatment Regime

Step 1:
This therapy starts with patient identification and screening.
After screening the patient, he/she would sign the consent form and the registration process begins at hospital, the information is passed to APAC Biotech for the generation of the UPIN and logistic initiation of the process.
Step 2:
On the suggestion of the treating Physician dates are fixed for the Tumor collection and Leukapheresis. After registration a Tumor collection kit is shipped to the hospital for collection of fresh surgical tumor into a special medium (Tissue transport Medium), provided by the APAC team, which is then shipped back to APAC central lab from the clinician . Once the biopsy material is received it undergoes processing and the Leukapheresis is planned as per the suggestion of the treating Physician...
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Frequently Asked Questions

World regulators have recognized immunotherapy as the fourth modality of cancer treatment. Body's immune response has a vital role to play in the cure of any disease that inflicts human body and the same hypothesis holds good for cancer. Immunotherapy has it origin from cancer immunology. Immuno-editing plays a significant role in cancer immunology. It is a process by which a person is protected from cancer growth and development of tumor immunogenicity.

Dendritic cells are special immune cells in the body that help the immune system recognize cancer cells. They break down cancer cells into smaller pieces (including antigens), then hold out these antigens so that other immune cells called T cells can see them. This makes it easier for the immune system cells to recognize and attack cancer cells.

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