Immunotherapy For GBM

High grade gliomas (HGG) are brain tumors occurring in adults and children.


Immunotherapy For RCC

Treatment of RCC

Renal cancer accounts for about 3% of all solid tumours, and its incidence is rising.1-3 Regionally advanced or metastatic cases account for approximately half of new cases. The management of metastatic renal cancer remains a therapeutic challenge. At the point of diagnosis with metastatic disease, the low response rates (15% to 20%) and even lower cure rates (6% to 8%) of current therapies are discouraging.Factors such as age, co-morbidities, heterogeneous histologies, and especially the potential for a slow natural history can complicate the decision of whether to treat the cancer or to pursue a supportive, symptom directed approach. The histologic subtype of the cancer has an impact on the chance of response. For instance, the only histologic subtype that appears to respond to immune-directed approaches with any consistency is the clear cell subtype. Variants such as granular cell, papillary, or sarcomatoid appear more consistently refractory to the immune approach. Fortunately, clear cell is the most common subtype, accounting for approximately 70% of cases. Earlier successes in applying the immune approach to the problem, as well as the limited contributions from conventional cytotoxic drugs, have helped to make metastatic renal cell cancer a focus for contemporary development of novel immunotherapy.

Tumor Banking

The process is simple, but because each tumor is unique, a patient navigator is assigned to explain the details.

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