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World regulators have recognized immunotherapy as the fourth modality of cancer treatment. Body's immune response has a vital role to play in the cure of any disease that inflicts human body and the same hypothesis holds good for cancer. Immunotherapy has it origin from cancer immunology. Immuno-editing plays a significant role in cancer immunology. It is a process by which a person is protected from cancer growth and development of tumor immunogenicity.

Dendritic cells are special immune cells in the body that help the immune system recognize cancer cells. They break down cancer cells into smaller pieces (including antigens), then hold out these antigens so that other immune cells called T cells can see them. This makes it easier for the immune system cells to recognize and attack cancer cells.

Dendritic cells are a specialized type of white blood cells with a unique function. Dendritic Cells can pick up foreign cells or cell particles including cancer cells which are then displayed on the surface of Dendritic Cell. The exhibition of foreign material on the surface of Dendritic Cell is recognized by other cellular effector cells (T-cells) that travel through the body recognizing and destroying malignant tumour cells by the secretion of certain chemokines.

After years of research on Dendritic cell Immunotherapy APAC Biotech has developed a Dendritic cell based formulation in state of art facility under highly trained and expert technical guidance.

APCEDEN® is an autologous dendritic cell preparation manufactured by APAC biotech using PBMCs (peripheral blood mononuclear cells) extracted through the leukapheresis process.

Leukapheresis is a process of collection of Peripheral blood Mononuclear cells through a cell separator. Through the circulation of blood the cells are collected and it takes approximately 2 hours to complete the process. The cells collected are prepared in highly sophisticated lab with cleanest environment by highly trained scientist.

To prepare an effective dendritic cell formulation a good yield of Peripheral blood mononuclear cells are required, which can only be extracted through the leukapheresis process in a much more efficient way than the traditional method i.e. blood draw.

As per trials there are nearly zero side effects. The only side effect seen in trials is mild fever and fatigue. APAC BIOTECH had conducted a trial PAN India to prove the safety and efficacy of the Dendritic Cell Formulation (APCEDEN®). During our clinical trials 225 infusions were given and most of the infusions were without any event except a single case where there was an episode of minor chills and fever.

In the trial we have given a survival of 397 days to patients who had life expectancy not more than three months thus proving the efficacy of the therapy.

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