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American prostate cancer patient gets new lease of life through cancer treatment in India.

Crossing the Atlantic and three continents Chris reached India with a LAST ditch hope to get some relief of his super aggressive prostate cancer. Chris McCue, a 58 year old American citizen from Pennsylvania was suffering from prostate cancer detected in August, 2014 with a GLEASON score of 9. He wa...

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Cancer Immunotherapy: An insight for investors

Cancer has been a long-aged threat to human lives, and there hasn’t been any permanent or certain cure for it – though researches are still ongoing to find a permanent cure. For instance, in India alone, at least one million cases of cancer add up to the existing millions with over 60 percent mo...

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Systemic review of Adenocarcinoma of Pancreas: Molecular mechanisms & Immuno-therapeutic options

Adenocarcinoma of pancreas is the fourth leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the world and will soon progress to number two by 2021 unless a significant development is accomplished. The presence of dense stroma along with strong variations makes it notoriously resistant to chemotherapy and pot...

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