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" APAC Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is a leading biotechnology company in India involved in research and manufacturing of Dendritic cell based immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer. Our endeavour is to improve the life expectancy of cancer patients by providing safe and effective personalised cell based immunotherapy. Our product APCEDEN has been developed after a thorough research based on the principles of Immunology."

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APAC BIOTECH strives to find the roots of cancer - the world's alarming disease, by transforming the promise of biotechnology into therapies that have the power to restore health and even save lives of cancer patients. We are providing Dendritic cell based Immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer. We are focused primarily on the research of customised autologous cell based immunotherapy for cancer treatment in India.

Latests News and Info
  • June 2018- APAC Biotech Pvt Ltd, India announced that it has entered into a technology transfer agreement with Diakonos Research Limited, in association with Dr William Decker and team at Baylor Medical College Of medicine, Houston Texas, USA for the transfer of their new Dendritic Cell (DC) technology.
  • March 2018- APCEDEN now available at Apollo Hospital- New Delhi
  • February 2018- APCEDEN now available at The Mediciti Hospital- Nepal
  • January 2018- APCEDEN now available at Medanta The Medicity hospital- Gurugram
  • October 2017- APCEDEN now available at The Ruby Hall Clinic- Pune
  • March 2017- APCEDEN receives nod from Indian Government for ovarian, prostate, colorectal and Non-Small cell lung cancer

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