APAC is now a member of the International Society for Dendritic Cell and Vaccine Sciences ('DC-Vaccine"), a project of Rockefeller University, New York, USA.

dendritic cell therapy for cancer treatment
cancer treatment
Although there are conventional methods of cancer treatment like Surgery, Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy but they have their own side effects. We have taken a step ahead that aims to treat and diagnose cancer by immunotherapy THE DENDRITIC CELL THERAPY.
cancer treatment in india
cancer treatment
Revolutionary developments in medicine and in biotechnology have led to important advances in early detection, long lasting control of the disease depending on the type of cancer involved and how early the disease is detected. Thus cancer is no longer a DANGER.
advance therapy of cancer
APCEDEN® is a customized autologus Dendritic cell based formulation that works on the lines of Immunotherapy and activates the innate and adaptive immunity to combat the disease.

APAC BIOTECH strives to find roots of cancer - the world's alarming disease, by transforming the promise of science and biotechnology into therapies that have the power to restore health or even save lives of cancer patients. In everything we do, we aim to fulfill our mission to serve patients from funding the next cutting-edge medical innovation to creatively working on patient treatment delivery. We are focused primarily on the development of cell based customized autologous therapy for cancer.